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Title : जानवरों के संभोग करने के कुछ खतरनाक तरीके, दोनों में किसी एक की जान तक चली जाती है!
Description : जानवरों के संभोग करने के कुछ खतरनाक तरीके, दोनों में किसी एक की जान तक चली जाती है!

Some dangerous ways of intercourse animals, both of them go to the life of someone!

Human beings or animals, everybody needs to build a relationship with a partner to pursue their own generation or species. But the process of sexual intercourse of some animals is such that you will be able to listen. Both of them go to one's life.

1. This male animal, quoll and quoll, tries to intercourse with a female animal as much as possible. Even with whom he had never done it before, his neck stabbed his neck and dragged him again. They do this for three hours, but if you have a mind, it will take a full day. This is because because the body of the male quill can not get more sperm in one go, it needs to be done repeatedly. During this period, female quaala also dies while coercion of male quillas.

2. Seals, seals look very cute but their way of intercourse is equally shocking. When the male seals interrupt the female skulls into the teeth and jaws, they crush and shiver. It is good for them that the risk of death is reduced as soon as they grow older.

3. Beetle and beetle i.e. also in the moth of mogury, the female suffers a lot, because her penis is very sharp, which pricks the female. But the females are ready even because they are so hot in the hot weather that they need something like this and the substance released from the body of the male during sexual intercourse gives them relief.

4. Bee in bees, in the bees before the queen bee mating, all her companions kill female bees so that no one can take her place. After that she chooses her bee of several thousand male bees and interacts with them all. During this time, his penis bursts inside the bee and he gets enough sperm for the whole life. She gives 1500 eggs in one day.

5. Praising mantis, this insect that looks like grasshopper is called Prawing matis. At the time of sexual intercourse, female meat often eats the head of the male. In some cases it is necessary in some species because it gives the male easy to remove the sperm. Whereas some of the female heads eat just because they are hungry.


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