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Title : इंसानी शक्ल वाली 5 अजीबोगरीब और असली जानवर | Top 5 Half Human Half Beast Found In Real Life
Description : अनदेखा सच Episode 55: There are several mythological creatures that are half humans and half birds. Harpies are female monsters in the Greek and Roman mythologies, depicted as birds with the faces of women. The world of myths, mythology, religion and folklores is exceptionally astounding, and these creatures make it all the more breath-taking. There are also several other mythic creatures that are non-humanoid, and are hybrids of different animals, like the Pegasus, Griffith, Hippogriff, etc.

Bizarre cat-like creature with human face found in Malaysia. The clips of the eerie and bizarre creature were reported to have been filmed in the Pahang area of western Malaysia. It showed the bald pink-skinned creature with four limbs and a human-like head. It has sharp claws on all four limbs, two pointy teeth and thin black hair.However, officers were forced to deny the existence of the animal, despite videos and photographs circulating online.

Indian village terrified by bizarre goat with human like features.India: Many people were left stunned and shocked after the footage of the bizarre mutant goat was posted online. The goat was discovered in India and footage of the peculiar animal soon swept the internet leaving users flabbergasted. The freakish animal appears to have the facial structure of a human, but with the rest of the body resembling a goat.The animal’s lips appear to be bent upwards, forming a pout on its face. The nose also resembles that of a human’s rather than the snout of a goat.
The pictures were uploaded on social media by Samiraa Aissa, who shared the weird snaps with her friends on Facebook.They were taken from a video which shows two people pulling the animal around while trying to determine what it is.A strange creature has been discovered in India. The animal, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village,” she wrote.Last month, a baby goat was born in Argentina with such terrifying demonic features that shocked locals called the police.The owner Gladys Oviedo was left “deeply surprised” when she saw the face of the new arrival on her farm.The kid, which was sadly stillborn, was born with “protruding eyes” in San Luis province, central Argentina.The owner was not surprised the goat’s arrival attracted so much attention, while her daughter-in-law took the picture of the goat social media where it was widely shared.

Baby goat 'born with a human face' in Malaysia.A farmer was shocked when a newborn goat had a face of a human baby. The pictures of the goat were shared by Ibrahim Basir, 63, and people claim that it is a fawn- which is a mythical fusion of goat and human. The goat was born in the the village of Felda in southern Malaysia.The newborn goat however didn’t last and has been handed over to the Veterinary Services Department.

This lamb, like a little human face, is born in Argentina. Seeing the face of the lambs lamb is very lazy. They are ashamed to see the ghost and scared that somehow their soul was born in the lamb. But the lamb was only three hours old. The eyes of the lamb were out of the hills and frightened. The case was reported in the San Luis area of ​​Argentina. The lambs were alive three hours after birth, said Malaki.

Developing a breed by changing some of the genetic algorithms is outwardly seen as scientific achievement. But sometimes its effects may be terrible.

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