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Title : 5D Mark II ML RAW vs. High bit rate comparision (1080P) [HD]

NOTE*: The funky highlights on the 1856 video were a result of me messing around with the curves.

ML = Magic Lantern - /

- Bit rate

For videographers/cinematographers with the 5D Mark II or 5D Mark III, I do not recommend shooting in a higher bit rate. There is virtually no difference on the quality of the video aside from a bigger file size. In very special situations a higher bit-rate might help (Maybe in low light, to avoid having noise turn into big splotches of color) other than that, I don't recommend it at all.

- Raw Recording

Shooting in Magic Lantern Raw, I highly recommend it. You will gain a lot of detail in shadows + highlights, and it will be much sharper. Even when shooting in 1856 and up scaling to 1080p, there is more detail than the regular 1080p coming out of the camera (FYI, 5d does not shoot true 1080p, it shoots a slightly lower res then its up scaled in camera)

To shoot higher than 1856 on 5d mark II, you have to first zoom in once on live view than you can go into the ML settings and see the resolution is now 2144. It will shoot close to a 2:1 aspect ratio, which for some of you will be fine especially if you want the cinematic bars. However it will be a 3x crop factor, the only problem with that is on live view, you wont get an accurate view of the video when shooting (I'm pretty sure this can be fixed very easily if you look around in the settings). But if you want the higher resolution and don't mind the crop factor, than go ahead.

- Workflow

Some people shooting in RAW have a tough time with getting a fast and easy workflow, for me and for what I did in the video. I recommend using ML_RAW_VIEWER on the forums.

It can convert the raw .mlv file into an .mov for editing, THE COLORS AND SHARPNESS WILL STILL BE RETAINED but it wont be as flexible as editing the individual .dng files. I recommend converting it to .mov as its faster than editing each individual raw file. Again the detail and sharpness is still retained.

If quality is a priority and you have alot of time, I recommend the individual .dng's as it will give you alot of flexibility when color correcting/grading

Other than that, just shoot in raw and convert to .mov, its faster and you still have the same amount of detail as a .dng conversion
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